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Judy Antoine


Ashanti Footprints





Trinidad Gives Back To Grenada Through Theatre


ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA--The children’s performing group, Ashanti Footprints, directed by Judy Antoine and Godfrey Luke, will on Father’s Day, Sunday 18 June, host a play titled, “From Gouyave to Fyzabad: The Uriah Butler Story” and a special performance by Calypsonian Brother Valentino and Ashanti Footprints at the Grenada Trade Center starting at 6:30 pm.


The play was written by noted playwright, Zeno Obi Constance, Artistic Director of the Fyzabad Connection Theatre Company Ltd., and will be performed by the company. The play covers Grenadian Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler’s arrival in Trinidad, his fiery platform rhetoric and charismatic leadership which led to the famous Labour riots in Trinidad.


The play “From Gouyave to Fyzabad: The Uriah Butler Story” was commissioned by His Excellency President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, O.R.T.T, S.C., who was born in Fyzabad, where Butler’s work was focused.


In President Carmona’s words:  “In tribute to Butler’s role in the Caribbean Labour Movement and his charismatic leadership, this dramatization of his life and times in his birthplace (Grenada) by any performing theatrical group is timely  as it is inspirational.  Such a production celebrates the life of a great Caribbean Labour leader who fought for the true representation and just right of workers.  This venture is to be recognized as a notable thrust towards the further realization of genuine Caribbean integration."


Tickets for the show at the Grenada Trade Center are $30 Adults and $15 Children, and are available at Kalico Shopping Center in Sauteurs, Grenville and Gouyave; Grenadian Optical, Melville Street and Spiceland Mall; Gittens Pharmacy, Grand Anse; St. David’s Pharmacy, Petit Esperance. St. Andrew’s Pharmacy, Grenville. Rubis Filling Sation, Victoria.



From Gouyave to Fyzabad: The Uriah Butler Story is an honourable tribute to Grenada’s contribution towards the development of Trade Unionism in the Caribbean, and the performance at the Grenada Trade Center on Father’s Day, 18 June, promises to be memorable, educational, entertaining, and historical.



Eugene Bass as Tubal Uriah Buzz Butler



Uriah Butler [Eugene Bass] at his sedition trial. President Carmona and party in the background along with the iconic statue of Butler




President Carmona greets Butler [Eugene Bass] after the performance at Fyzabad  




President Carmona with some cast members after the performance




President Carmona with [from left] parliamentary representative for Fyzabad Dr. Lachram Bodoe, Playwright and Artistic Director Zeno Obi Constance and Senator Stephen Creese


Confronted by the Inspector of police, Butler, flanked by his supporters, reads his arrest warrant for sedition


Brother Valentino


Ashanti Footprints